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Flavour counts. It’s the difference between saturation and satisfaction. If your tastebuds are singing, you can be sure of happy meals and happy days. Creating memorable meals in a fast-paced world requires proper planning and execution. With Morofresh it takes only two steps: buy the sauce, apply the sauce! With three fresh, original and bold flavours there’s a perfect combination for every dish.

Developed and perfected by renowned chef Jamie Watt over 20 years in the restaurant industry, Morofresh sauces are now available in supermarkets across the Lowveld. As a staple on restaurant menus, the hospitality lockdown in 2020 and 2021 left many a palate craving the Morofresh flavour satisfaction.

These flavour bombs were then successfully commercialised, tested and certified, making its way to a broader public. With a continuous striving to go beyond the average and create food memories from every plate, Jamie has focused on creating multipurpose, bold flavoured sauces that add the x-factor to every meal. 

Jamie Watt | Chef



taste good!

Fresh & Tasty

With our focus on using only fresh and quality ingredients to perfect our sauces & supply a healthy enhancement to your meals.

In Stores

We have successfully taken our sauces from restaurants to being commercially sold in stores throughout the Lowveld.

Local Product

Our sauces are a 100% local products. Developed by renowned chef, Jamie Watt .

Morofresh Sauces Online Shop | Spicey barbQ + jalapeño mayo + aioli mayo

spicey barbQ sauce

Reveal your inner chef and wow your guests with this all purpose Peruvian La Brasa inspired sauce, with bold, umani flavours that will leave you wanting more as the complex, zesty flavours dance on your palate.

It’s the secret ingredient that makes everything taste better, from stir-fries, soups, burgers and steaks, to eggs, roast veg and ramen bowls.

You can be sure that your guests will love it and no one has to know. It’s called “The Secret Sauce” for a reason.

Use as a Sauce, Basting or Marinade

jalapeño mayo

Tangy with a splash of heat, this jalapeno, coriander and lime combination pulls out all the stops to take your dishes to the next level.

Add a dash of freshness to grilled meats, fish and prawns, or give your salads and sarmies a flavour bump. The green sauce is the perfect
combination for the Secret Sauce, providing a complex, satisfying meal experience.

As said by Peter Marshall “Food is merely a platform for condiments”.

Halal Certified

Morofresh Sauces Online Shop | Spicey barbQ + jalapeño mayo + aioli mayo
garlic thyme

aioli mayo

This Creamy Fresh Mayo based sauce is infused with Garlic and Thyme will pair with just about any dish you plan on serving.

Pimp your fries, tantalise your crudites or jazz up your wraps – this aioli has just the right amount of garlic to bust out the flavour without scaring away your colleagues.

The hint of fresh thyme adds a punchy addition to salads, tapas, stuffed olives or potatoes. It’s the sauce that keeps on giving.

Calories don’t count on days ending in “Y”.

Halal Certified

peri mayo


A fusion of Peruvian chilli sweet mayo


A culinary adventure to Peru – Moro Peri Mayo. A tantalizing blend of Peruvian-influenced chilli and sweet mayonnaise, this silky, flavourful combination is crafted to deliver a mouthwatering sensation. Drizzle onto sandwiches, use it as a dip for chips and veggies or spice up a salad, chicken or pasta.

cola bbq

Moro’s family favourite sweet and tangy Cola BBQ sauce


A favourite kitchen essential for the family, our family-inspired blend of sweet and tangy flavours has a delicious smoky essence. Perfect for marinating meats or as a grilling partner for burgers, steak, chicken and boerewors, Cola BBQ is the secret ingredient that elevates your grill game and perfectly partners your French fries.

Halal Certified

1000 island dressing


A familiar taste yet refreshingly new, add a touch of a favourite memory to your salads and chips with a dollop of Moro’s 1000 Island dressing. We’ve put a modern twist on this classic favourite; combining sweet and tangy mayonnaise with tomatoes, zesty lemon juice and carefully selected spices. A perfect balance of tradition and innovation in every squeeze.Halal Certified


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